Northern Slovenia

Julian Alps

Venue: Julian Alps, Either Tolmin region or Bohinj region
Pilot Type: All levels. Particularly suits XC pilots
Trip goals: XC for all pilot levels
Low airtime pilots can expect to be introduced to the Alps and target up to 50km XC
Higher airtime pilots can be guided up to 200km through the Alps.
Accommodation: Hotels with breakfast. Twin or single rooms
*Single room supplement applies
Trip Cost: £595 for 7 nights
Typically includes: Accommodation, Breakfast, Airport Transfer, Transport throughout, Retrieves, Guiding, Fly-guiding, Coaching, Live Trackers
Typically excludes:

- Site fees (typically 4€ daily. Only applicable to a few sites)

- Food (aside from breakfast which is normally included)

- Gondolas or Parataxis, if required.

Non flyer friendly Very friendly for non flyers. Lots of activities to do.

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Slovenia, set in the heart of the Julian Alps. Truly a flyers paradise.

Nicer than Annecy? (This was the title in a Skywings review back in 2005); You bet. The Julian Alps is the far end of the French Alps, so the terrain is very similar, but on a smaller scale. This means it is generally smoother air and less rowdy, suiting the lower airtime pilots, but also stays more reliable, suiting us all! Of course, holding more World Records for XC than France, or any other nation, you can see the Skygods will have a ball too!


Depending on the time of year and type of course we are running, typically our accommodation is set just yards from the beautiful Bohinj Lake with the landing field just a short stroll from your room. From here we can access all the best sites in the Alps, whether they be flying around the lake or a short drive in our comfortable, air conditioned vehicles to big name sites like Tolmin, Lijak and Gerlitzen.


What is best about this trip?

Our trips in the northern end of Slovenia are the very best time to be in the Alps. You are based in the very heart of the mountains where all the best flying is occurring. The trip should tick all your boxes. XC, scenery, adventure, warm, great food, great bars and plenty to do.



Stol nr TolminAccommodation?

Typically we offer twin rooms for pilots. In Slovenia they are not the most spacious, but they serve their purpose very well and are fairly central to the village with easy access to all the main facilities. We can also offer Double rooms, of course, and on a more limited basis and a small extra charge, there are usually some single rooms available

Depending on the trip, you will either be based in the famous Tolmin, the heart of all summer XC in Slovenia, or at Bohinj, the most chilled venue we visit, but still with easy access to the Tolmin region for XC when the weather is at its best.



What experience do I need?

Our trips are suited from 'just CP' through to Skygod, although we often categorize the weeks to ensure a better harmony of flying skills. If you are a 5 hour pilot and just through your CP, missing the caring eye of your instructor, then we are quite used to assisting you guys. But equally we have very high airtime pilots out every season and still help them get personal bests, maybe that 100km XC you are seeking. We do expect pilots whom attend to be able to lay out their own kit and launch themselves, but that said, you will never be left on a launch unassisted and we are at hand to assist at all times.


When to come?

The season in Slovenia has two great periods. May through mid June where you will be based in Tolmin. In this period you will experience minimal vehicle travel and be based in a town at the heart of the paragliding scene in Slovenia. XC will be a daily feature and the mountain views will be stunning.

In the period of mid June to mid Aug we are based in Bohinj, in the National park. This is a time when Records are set. That doesn't mean strong air. It means smooth and reliable, just what you need for long flights. You will experience a little more vehicle travel this week, but you will also experience a selection of sites whilst staying at one of the most beautiful areas of Slovenia.


You can find a chart that gives a bit more detail of when and where here.



We usually offer discounts for groups or early payment in full. For group discounts we require a minimum of 4 or more pilots booking together. Be a large group booking early and maybe we can offer in increased discount.


So what are you waiting for. Check out the calender here and choose your week!