We take the use of radios very seriously on all our trips, as do any good operator of overseas flying holidays.



Whilst on the trip please adhere to the following;

    • Always have the radio on whilst flying
    • Preferable have a headset so you can also transmit
    • Keep it switched on after you land for extra info
    • ALWAYS radio when you have landed to say you are ok. Remember to say who you are and who the message is for
    • Keep the batteries charged. Doh!


Imagine, you are flying with some others in the group XC. You miss the next thermal, but they don't. You inevitably land but don't radio up, preferring instead to lay down, relax and enjoy the sun....


Now imagine it from their perspective... you leave the group, land, and then the wing stays as it fell..... is he ok... no radio message... we'd best land too and check on them....