BGD Weightless, Tolmin 2018

Pre-Comp Familiarization

There shall be an opportunity in the days prior to the BGD Weightless, to be held in Tolmin in 2018 at the competition venue, for pilots to attend and become familiar with the site. Not strictly a course but being led by local pilot Brett Janaway (Meet Director of the competition), it is designed to help pilots learn the potential routes, local terrain, launches and other useful information to assist pilots in achieving greater results within the competition.

Put together by xTc Paragliding, giving you access to the knowledge of Brett Janaway whom has hundreds of hours experience and knowledge in both the local area and competition flying generally.

The week has several objectives;

  • Learn about launches and area that will be used in competition
  • Learn about possible routes that may be tasked
  • Learn common thermals and triggers in the region
  • Talks about competition flying
  • Talks about instruments and GPS setting

In addition there could be lectures covering instrument use, competition tactics and many other useful aspects of being involved in competitions.



For 2017 the pre-comp training is scheduled for TBC, just prior to the BGD Weightless. This would enable you to understand the venue in a relaxed environment allowing you to get the most from the competition itself.



100 euro daily inc transport to launch, task setting, retrieves and live tracking.

NOTE: Excludes accommodation. You can camp at the base for the competition, or stay in a hotel. Contact us if you would like us to make a reservation.


There are limited places. First come, first serve!