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Here are a couple of published articles and letters about xTc. I'll post more as I hunt them out.


Published article (Skywings) from a satisfied customer. Thought we'd publish it here too;

Written by Humphrey Russell
South West Wales Soaring Club (SWWSC)

Just imagine the scene, an alpine meadow, cow bells tinkling and mountains spread out all around you, the cry of voices drifts up to you: the hills are alive with the sound of, run run, run, more brake, more brake, more brake, the sound of music? No, the sound of another flying day in Slovenia.

God i really wish I'd practiced my alpine launch technique before i came. Still, its hard to concentrate with all the beautiful scenery around.

Ok guys now for the boring bit, Slovenia is about the size of Wales turned on its side, it sits between Italy, Austria and Croatia. The climate is Mediterranean in the south and alpine in the north. The currency is Euro's and SIT at the moment but will be switching wholly to Euro's in the next year or so.

Now for the fun bit, we stayed in a town on the border with Italy, just a short car journey from Lijak a 500 meter take off at one end of a 20k ridge, with Kovk, pronounced coke, a 1000 meter take off at the other end. It's a bit like Pandy on Steroids with a gap to jump across as well. Further north on the other side of the ridge the terrain changes to a more alpine nature, cuckoo clock houses, mountains and upland meadows, forests, lakes etc. They are near the capital Ljubljana where you will find alpine flying sites like Golnik, a 500 meter top to bottom, with a swathe cut in the trees for take off and a mountain range behind you can thermal onto on a good day.

The trip was run by Brett of xTc Paragliding and i must say that they pulled out all the stoppers to ensure that we all had a first class holiday with the emphasis on flying, but also a full and varied social time afterwards. Due to Brett's diligence and enthusiasm we managed to fly 8 days out of 8, in October. Incredible or what! I've got to say this guy is just awesome and works tirelessly to ensure you have a great time.

Would i recommend Slovenia to any of you guys? Lets just say i will be trying to organise a club trip there for next May. It will be suitable for the old XC hounds, but also for low airtime CP's. Value for money is excellent. The people are genuinely friendly and the countryside is just stunning.

As for me, will i return to Slovenia? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm just let me think about it? Oh yes i will definitely be going back!

Humphrey Russell