Slovenia, Julian Alps

(HG & PG)Bohinj Lake

Slovenia, set in the heart of the Julian Alps. Truly a flyers paradise.


Our accommodation may be set just yards from the beautiful Bohinj Lake with the landing field just a short stroll from your room, or in the south, near the Adriatic, depending on the time of year. From here we can access all the best sites in the Stol nr TolminAlps, whether they be flying around the lake or a short drive in our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles to big name sites like Tolmin, Kobarid, Lijak and Gerlitzen.


Our trips are suited from 'just CP' through to Skygod, although we often categorize the weeks to ensure a better harmony of flying skills.


The season in Slovenia has two great periods. Feb/March give great thermalling in the South, based at Lijak & Kovk. The site is at its best at this time of year. In the period of May-Aug the main Alps comes alive, a time when Records are set.


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Bassano, Italy


Bassano, one of the most reliable destinations in Europe. With it's XC season starting as early as February and going on as late is Oct/Nov, it is the perfect place to stay current as well as enjoy fantastic thermalling all year round.


Although a great destination for paraglider pilots, we focus on this site for our hang glider customers for its excellent support for their wing times, offering a spectacular ramp next to a large rigging area and a huge landing field next to a bar and hotel. The site is also hugely reliable offering up to 300 days a year flying and protection from northerly winds.


The views of the Dolomites behind are stunning and a visit to the War Memorial is a must for all pilots!


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Gemona, Italy

(HG & PG)Bohinj Lake

Gemona, again a destination famed for its reliability and infrastructure. With it's XC season starting as early as February and going on as late is Oct/Nov, it is the perfect place to stay current as well as enjoy fantastic thermalling all year round.


It's infrastructure and flying is very similar to that of Bassano offering a huge ridge to fly, good flatlands out front and protection from north winds and reliable flying for up to 300 days a year.


It also benefits from being very close to the Soca valley in Slovenia so you can get huge flights from here to Kobarid/Tolmin or you can just enjoy the local air for it's reliability and amazing views both south to the flats and NW to the Dolomites.


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Ager, Spanish Pyrenees

(HG & PG)

Bohinj Lake

Ager, at the foothills of the Pyrenees and just 90 minutes away, Castejon, in the heart of the Pyrenees.


Our accommodation are a set of beautiful chalets surrounding a lush, green lawn. Within a 100 meters you will find the landing field, bar/restaurant and open air swimming pool. What more could you want?


OK, maybe you could want more. How about reliable, thermic flying on a huge, two tiered, ridge. FAI triangleTwo tiered and massive  ridges are easy here and long XCs, both along the ridge and over the back, are accessible most of the time in the hugely reliable area.


We operate in this region during Aug and Sept, the best time to enjoy the Pyrenees.


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BHPA 'Pilot' Week


Earn your BHPA Pilot rating on one of our tailored courses!

We will be holding one of these hugely successful courses again this year in Slovenia where you can absorb the information in the beauty of the Alps.


The week will teach you all about XC, canopy control, thermalling and Alpine flying as well as taking you though the outstanding tasks in your BHPA task book. At the end of the week, once the tasks are complete, you will take the Pilot exam, hopefully returning home to claim your Pilot Rating!


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