Here is a selection of comments and feedback from across the year during 2008. Sorry I haven't updated it since, but you can be sure the comments are just as good last year and every year before.


It is good to see operations like yours doing some real good on the safety side and I am particularly pleased that I now have another place I can suggest pilots go for development and pilotage type training.
Nigel Page, 2013


I've got to say these guys are just awesome and work tirelessly to ensure you have a great time.
Humphrey Russell, 2007


A big thankyou for the holiday, thoroughly enjoyed it
Mark Elliot, May 2008


Thanks for all you did not make our trip to Slovenia really special.   The welcome package was a particularly nice touch.  And the T-shirts at the  end-of-the-trip banquet (great restaurant, too)
CJ and George Sturtevant, USA, Aug 2008


Thanks for guiding our group in Slovenia, it was a memorable experience for all of us.
Steve Roti, USA, Sept 2008


Firstly, may I convey my sincere thanks for what can only be described as an absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable flying holiday. I achieved and indeed exceeded many goals during my stay with you, and my knowledge and skills have increased significantly. The flying experiences at Kovk & Gozd were just simply awesome. Naturally, I will not hesitate in recommending XTC and Slovenia to my flying buddies.
David Windell, UK, June 2008


Just a quick email to thank you both for pulling out all the stops during our flying trip to Slovenia. I now feel a lot more confident flying in thermic conditions and in tackling forward launches
Garath Pawan, UK, July 2008


Thanks a lot for the wonderfull week and I will come back again next year!
Wim DeCroock, Holland, July 2008


Wow, what a great trip, thank you!
John Cheale, HG pilot, UK, Aug 2008


Thank you for your help and a great holiday
Dave Chidlaw, UK, Aug 2008


Just a short note to say thank you all very much for a superb week in Ager.
David Windell, UK, Sept 2008


Just like to say thanks for the trip. I am pleased with the flying I managed to get there and feel like it has helped me loads on my new wing, as I gained quite a bit of thermalling in the week.
Dean Hyatt, UK, Sept 2008


Just wanted to say thanks again for the great trip in Slovenija...
Alistair Andrews, UK, Sept 2008


Have to give credit where it's due. It meant so much to learn from both you and Brett in the field at Ager, and you'd laid on so much weather
Cefn Hoile, UK, Dec 2008