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xTc Paragliding can offer a range of equipment to suit your needs. We do not run an online shop at present, but we deal with several manufacturers and are importers and/or distributors for several brands. Email us with your requirements for further information.


Below is a selection of current great offers, although other brands are also available.



We were recently approved to distribute the BGD brand and can offer anything from their range.

The stunning colours they produce their wings in are just one of the great benefits of BGD wings.



As most pilots know, I have been a fan of Gradient for many years.

They have produced some excellent wings and have allowed me to achieve several world records flying their BiGolden series of tandems. Contact us for your needs.


Gin Gliders

xTc and Gin have a close relationship promoting the excellent GIN Wide Open event.

We can offer you any of the wings in the Gin range, as well as key advice on what to purchase to suit you. I have flown manny of the wings in the Gin range, so have first hand knowledge.

777 Gliders

We have been UK importers for the 777 brand from the creation of the company, such is our faith in this excellent brand.

Their gliders continue to impress with each creation. Still not sure? Ask us for a demo.

UP Gliders

UP is a strong brand in current glider design and have produced some great wings recently.

Contact us for a price.




Gin Gliders

Gin make some of the best harnesses on the market. They are always comfortable and flawless.


Probably the biggest manufacturer of harnesses in the world, there is something for everybody in their range

Woody Valley

With a reputation for nothing but quality, you will not be dissapointed with the offerings of WV.

Karpo fly

Karpofly have gained a reputation for producing inovative, but inexpensive harnesses. Certainly we have sold more of their brand than any other in recent years!

USED EQUIPMENT (last updated 4th Nov 2015)


GIN Genie Race 2

Size: Medium

Colour: Black

Hours: 100

Condition: Excellent!

Other Info: Current harness from Gin. Optional second rescue container available.

Price: 500 Euro


Karpofly Xalps2

Size: Medium

Colour: Black n Red

Hours: NONE

Condition: NEW Ex stock

Other Info:Not colours shown. Limited edition, all black!

Price: 300 Euro


Size: Small

Colour: Sunrise (orange)

Hours: 40

Condition: Excellent!

Other Info: Current wing

Price: 1,900 Euro


Sol CX2

Size: Medium

Colour: Black n Red

Hours: NONE

Condition: NEW Ex stock

Other Info: An extremely good leisure harness

Price: 200 Euro

GIN Carrera

Size: Medium

Colour: Flame (blue)

Hours: 100

Condition: Perfect!

Other Info: Current wing

Price: 900 Euro


Boomerang GTO

Rating: EN-D

Size: Medium

Colour: Green

Hours: 100

Condition: Very good. no rips, tears or repairs

Includes: Concertina bag, stuffsack, riser bag

Other Info: Brand new risers fitted

Price: 200 Euro