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Summer Slovenia 5-10 per night
Spring Slovenia 10 per night
Italy 15 per night
Ager, Spain (Autumn) Varies
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I am fully aware that paragliding & Hang Gliding (and all associated activities) is a calculated risk sport and contains inherent risks and dangers, including serious injury or death. I further recognize that it is wholly my own decision to take off and wholly my own responsibility to make all in-flight and landing decisions.


xTc Paragliding does not provide any insurance, either medical or liability, for any incident which may arise as a result of participation in any phase of paragliding or paragliding instruction/training. 


I agree to pay for all damages to or loss of equipment belonging to xTc Paragliding, resulting from my use, whether it be intentional, accidental or unavoidable. I understand that I am paying for guidance and instruction in the sport and that does not guarantee my right to fly.  

I confirm I own, or will purchase, a 2m radio.
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